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  • Media Cooperation

    Coowor.com Media Collaboration Program Invitation

    Coowor.com is a professional media website dedicated to HVACR industry.

    We hope to have the opportunity to exchange resources and develop media cooperation with exhibition organizers and well-known enterprises. Below are the details:

    1. Our Advantages

    1.1 Live Report from Global 20+ HVACR International Exhibitions

    Coowor.com is devoted to providing a cultural exchange platform for domestic and foreign well-known enterprises. We have participated in 12 international HVACR exhibitions in 2016:

    America AHR Expo

    1.2 Official Media Partners for A Number of Domestic and International Exhibitions

    Coowor.com has become the official media partners for CRH China, ISH China, China Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Expo, Chengdu HVAC and Indoor Environment Expo, International Boiler Exhibition, Guangzhou International Electric Heating Technology & Equipment Exhibition, IVPC Shanghai and Climate Abu Dhabi. And we are very contributive to these exhibitions’ promotion and communication.

    (Coowor.com displayed on the official site of CRH China as a media partner)

    1.3 Powerful Enterprise Database

    Coowor.com is the only specialized and professional B2B platform for global HVACR trade, with over 500 registered members and 20,000 customer database resources. We provide live reports and promotion services for many well-known enterprises, and also powerful data support for exhibition organizers.

    2016 Russia Climate World, Interview with Chigao

    2. What We Can Do for You

    2.1 Exhibition Information (In English)

    We can post your exhibition information on our website. General requirement for exhibition Logo is 250*200 px. If photos needed for the illustrations of exhibition details, the size cannot exceed 600*300 px and the space should less than 100Kb:

    (Exhibition Information of CRH Expo Displayed on Coowor.com )

    (Detailed Exhibition Information of CRH Expo Displayed on Coowor.com )

    2.2 Press Releases (English or Chinese)

    We provide free press releases for the media partners and member enterprises.

    General requirement for press release photo is 260*165 px. And if photos needed in the content, the size cannot exceed 800*400 px and the space should be less than 100Kb:

    (Sample 1)

    (Sample 2)

    2.3 Free Advertising Space

    We extend one-month free advertising space on Coowor.com for media partners. The space is A1, A2 and A3 as below. The size of A1 should better be 800*119 px; A2 should better be 1140*150 px and A3 should better be 300*210 px. And all these photos should not exceed 100Kb.

    3. What the Exhibition Organizer Should Provide for Us

    3.1 One 9 sqm standard booth

    3.2 A printed advertising page on Exhibitor Catalogue

    3.3 Display the logo of Coowor.com as official media partner on exhibition official website.

    4. Contact us

    If you intend to establish our partnership, please contact us as soon as possible. Coowor.com is willing to share with you all the resources we have and deepen our cooperation.

    Coowor Network Technology Co., Ltd.

    Address: 1-706, Bldg 1, Fortune Street, No. 69 Chaoyang Rd, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing 100123, China

    Tel: 86-10-52832780

    Fax: 86-10-85789128

    Website: www.coowor.com

    Contacts: Mr. Xing 86-15810309306 yanfeng.xing@coowor.com

    Ms. Qiao 86-13522719343 jinghui.qiao@coowor.com

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