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  • Rules & Policies

    Rules & Policies

    Legal Declarations

    Terms of Service agreement
    All coowor.com users must fully accept and completely obey our privacy strategy and users protocol. Meanwhile, you’re required to abide by national laws, regulations and related rules applying to the Internet world.
    Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co.,Ltd is entitled to modify the protocol at any time. If you continue to use coowor.com after being notified by coowor.com about the change, it would be deemed as that you’ve accepted and agreed to obey the protocol after amendments.
    All articles, news pieces, and other text materials, whether it’s clearly indicated or not, are put under the protection of copy right law in China.
    All contents of the composed works would be protected by the national copyright law. Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co., LTD. , possess the copyright of all writing and picture works created by its staff after material selection, interviewing, composing, and type setting. Any organizations or individuals, without written permissions, are not allowed to revise, publish, spread (or spread with others), sell, and reproduce its works, or quote part or a complete article from coowor.com.
    Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co., Ltd. , acknowledge and respect the copyrights of pictures, texts released through coowor.com. Once the materials are being uploaded onto coowor.com, it is deemed as the owners of the materials have authorized Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co.,Ltd, to use, copy, revise, publish, translate, and spread the materials for free, in a permanent way and without any limitations. Any organizations or individuals are not allowed to infringe upon the copyrights.
    Limited liabilities
    1.Any user is supposed to guarantee that coowor.com would be used only for legitimate purposes. Without definite permission of copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights owners, no messages, texts, or pictures that may violate rights of other people would be allowed to be released through coowor.com.
    2.Coowor.com would only provide cyberspace for information release, and so would not edit the messages (except for format adjustments) in any way. In this case, coowor.com would not make any commitment to the accuracy, completeness, or effectiveness of the materials; and, under no circumstances, coowor would assume liabilities involved in damages that may occur. So, it is recommended that all users should use consultations on the accuracy, completeness and effectiveness of the releases on coowor.com.
    3.Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co., Ltd provide no guarantee that the website would not be halted, or contain errors in any way, nor would we guarantee any kind of use effects. All users should bear losses that may occur when website being halted unexpectedly, operation or transmission being delayed, computer virus attack, network connection fail, or when there is unauthorized access, or other same kind of situations.
    4.If you have violated privacy or users protocols and if there is thus lawsuits or claims filed against Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co., Ltd, by any third parties, you’re liable to fully compensate for all the losses that Beijing Coowor Network Technology Co., Ltd may take.
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