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  • Rules & Policies

    Rules & Policies

    Privacy Policy

    Coowor.com makes a firm commitment to protect your privacy. The following policy, as part of Terms & Conditions which has to be agreed with by users while visiting our website, provides details of how your information is treated. This policy may be subject to changes without notice. So please check the latest version periodically.
    What information will be collected by Coowor.com?
    1.Account Data: We collect all the information in your account on Coowor.com, such as your company name, address, contact person, telephone number, fax number, email and etc. This is to enforce the agreement between you and Coowor.com, to ensure that you are reachable by potential trade partners, or to troubleshoot problems with your account.
    2.Hidden Data: In addition to your account data, we also collect information recorded when you browse and visit our website, including but not limited to, cookies, IP address, etc. This information is not used to identify you, but for the necessary purpose to avoid being attacked by hackers, and for the purpose of making customized content service to users. Additionally, through processing comprehensive statistic analysis, we are endeavoring to provide you with more and more efficient functionalities to facilitate our service. To visit Coowor.com, your browser has to be configured to accept cookies.
    How will Coowor.com use your information?
    1.We make our best to ensure the privacy of users. We will disclose your information for your approval or legal purpose.
    2.We will disclose your information in good faith when we believe that it is necessary to:
    (1) get your authorization or approval;
    (2) enforce the provisions of Coowor.com;
    (3) protect and defend the rights of Coowor.com, other users, or for public interests;
    (4) conform to national regulations or legal processes.
    Information, such as company name, address, contact person, telephone number, etc., will be posted on Coowor.com publicly, and accessible to all users. Users should thus exercise caution when deciding to release any information that is identifiable to you.
    What are your and Coowor.com's individual responsibilities in regards to privacy protection?
    1. You are suggested to maintain and update your personal information timely to make it effective. You can login and edit your personal information by entering your member ID and password at any time. You can also edit and delete related information according to your own need.
    2. We make our best effort to ensure the stability and security on our systems. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure from hacker attacks. Therefore, Coowor.com cannot make any warranty on the security of the information you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk.
    3. You are suggested to take care of all the information you submit on Coowor.com, especially personal information. You shall understand and agree that others may collect and use the information you disclosed willingly at any time, thus Coowor.com is not responsible for your disclosure of information.
    4. You as a user are strongly recommended to keep your Member ID and password on Coowor.com safe and secure. To ensure the safety and security of your company and personal information do not divulge your password to others. If you feel that your Member ID or password is for any reason at risk, please contact us immediately. Coowor.com is not responsible for your disclosure of information as a result of abnormal operation of network caused by hacker attack, invasion or attack by computer viruses, government regulation, etc.
    5. Should you have any suggestion on our Privacy Policy, please contact us.
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